Name     Title
 Joe StankoGrand Knight  You can contact the Knights via email at
 Fr. Joe Griffin
Max SchneiderDeputy Grand Knight
 Pete BatckeFinancial Secretary
 Larry NobleChancellor
 Matt GlaccumRecorder
 Paul CardTreasurer
 Mike Grzegorczyk    Advocate
 David E LijewskiWarden
 Gregg Zank1st Year Trustee
 Phil Adams2nd Year Trustee
 Jim Hitchcock3rd Year Trustee
 Pat LovelessInside Guard
Joe BruneauOutside Guard

Officer Designations

  • Grand Knight

    As chief officer, the Grand Knight is responsible for the overall welfare of his council. As leader of the council he is also responsible for observing the laws of the order of his council and to insure that these laws are followed by all.

  • Deputy Grand Knight

    As second in command, the Deputy Grand Knight assists the Grand Knight in all council affairs and assumes the leadership role if the Grand Knight is absent.

  • Chancellor

    As third in command, the Chancellor assumes the lead role if both the Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight are absent. He is also responsible for building member interest in council activities.

  • Chaplain

    As spiritual adviser of the council, the Chaplain leads the group in prayer and thoughtful reflection. He also serves as an adviser to members as they develop and implement activities.

  • Recorder

    The recorder is responsible for keeping a true and accurate record of all doings of the council and for handling all correspondence for the council.

  • Financial Secretary

    Responsible for keeping accurate financial and membership records for the council and for ordering supplies from the Supreme Council.

  • Treasurer

    Handles all monetary transactions for the council including the issuance of all checks drawn on council funds.

  • Advocate

    Legal representative for the council. Responsible for any revisions made to the by-laws of the council.

  • Warden

    Responsible for supervising and maintaining council property and for setting up council chambers for meetings and degree ceremonies.

  • Guards

    The Inside and Outside Guards make sure that every person entering council chambers has a current, paid-up membership card. They are also responsible for general chamber security.

  • Trustees: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year

    The board of trustees consists of the Grand Knight and 3 members. Trustees supervise all financial business for the council, perform the semi-annual audit of the Financial Secretary's books and oversee the work of the Financial Secretary and Treasurer